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Zuddha is founded on the principles of simplicity, purity and balance. Neither of us claims to be 100% raw or 100% vegan or 100% perfect. However, we believe that a diet rich in at least 80% of these foods will dramatically shift your health and energy levels. Don’t worry about being perfect, but listen to your body. Food should be healthy but it should also be delicious. Founded by classically trained chefs and holistic nutritionists, Zuddha strives to achieve the balance between these seemingly contradictory ways of eating. We recommend diving into our food programs and learning everything you can. Then once you become more in tune with your body and its needs, you will be able to adjust and decide what works for you. In the meantime, let us guide and help you. All of our cleanses, meals and products pack nutrient-dense, antioxidant-rich food with powerful anticancer qualities. Now you can sit back, begin to carry on with your life and let us help you transition, not only back into life, but into a thriving, vibrant life.

Sophie Jaffe and Dani Larson, the founders of Zuddha, are certified and classically trained natural foods/ vegan/ raw chefs, holistic nutritionistas and yogis. These ladies have cooked in restaurants, have catered wellness retreats, have cooked for Hollywood celebrities and created anti-cancer food and education programs. They specialize in bringing wellness to your door, and ultimately, to your life. Sophie is also a certified yoga teacher having studied under Baron Baptiste and Tamal Dodge. The Zuddha Girls specialize in renewing your body, mind and soul.

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Note: Willing to offer an ongoing discount of 20% off for young adult cancer survivors.