Mission Statement

Young adult cancer survivors in the post-treatment phase of survivorship are a growing population with documented special medical and psychosocial needs. Access to real, relevant, practical information is hard to come by and the community in Los Angeles has been disjointed. Many young adult survivors feel alone, too young for most post-treatment services and too old for pediatric services, often never having met another person who has been through what they have been through. Thrive/Survive aims to create a portal community to enable real-life meetups of young adult cancer survivors, in addition to clear, concise access to information such as understanding local medical practitioners, financial resources and lifestyle information.

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About Us

Co-Founders Nico Juber and Sunshine Kriegsman are both young adult cancer survivors who both struggled for over ten years to find legitimate resources and networks of young people to network with.

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The Giving Back Fund (GBF), established in 1997, seeks to cultivate and nurture a new group of philanthropists within the sports and entertainment communities and to help establish role models who will inspire others to give back. GBF provides philanthropic consulting, management and programs to athletes, entertainers, entrepreneurs, and other high net worth individuals aimed at increasing the impact of their philanthropy. GBF is launching several new programs to help ensure that new generations of sports and entertainment professionals learn how to be effective and powerful philanthropists. The Giving Back Fund is a 501(c)(3) organization. Donations to Thrive/Survive, A Project of The Giving Back Fund are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.